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Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer who designs high-end designer clothes. The clothing is known for its bright colors and detailed exotic prints. Besides clothing, the brand also brings various perfumes on the market and you can choose from many beautiful jewelry. You can compare these products at your convenience on Bigshopper. You search in the assortment of multiple sellers so you can easily find the best deal. You can order by clicking to the webshop of the seller. Here you can order your new clothes, perfume or jewelry online from Roberto Cavalli.

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About Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli studied at the art academy in Italian Florence where he specialized in textiles. After three years of study he quit his studies in 1960. In the same year he started designing clothes and started his own label. The clothing was very popular and in 1972 Roberto opened his own clothing shop in the fashionable Saint-Tropez. Nowadays the designer clothes are sold in fifty different countries worldwide. In addition, several other product lines have been added, such as perfume and jewellery for men and women.

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At Bigshopper you can compare a wide range of perfumes of the brand. By filtering by price you can easily find the best offer. The cheapest product will automatically appear at the top of the search results. You can choose from different perfumes, such as spicy fragrances and sweet perfumes. The intense fragrances exude sensuality, extravagance and Italian femininity. There is a special range for men. These cool fragrances include notes of saffron, lavender, cedar and patchouli. You can of course pick a lovely scent for yourself but the perfumes also do very well as gifts.

Compare jewelry by Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli sells beautiful and striking watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Choose for example a hip rose gold watch or go for a classic gold or silver model. A beautiful watch completes your outfit. You can wear this jewelry for example when you go to a chic party but also in an everyday outfit the watches come into their own. There are watches for every taste so you will always find a beautiful example that fits your personal style.