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Ricoh is the market leader in printers and copiers for businesses. The Ricoh brand was founded on 6 February 1936. In that year, the company started producing light-sensitive paper for the printer. Not much later, in the year 1938, the range was extended with cameras and since 1955 Ricoh also produces several office machines for business and sustainability plays an important role. To this day, the brand has become the market leader in printers and copiers for business. The company provides a range of consultancy, document management, hardware and software services to businesses.
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Did you know that many of Ricoh's technologies are patented? As a result, the parts this company produces are regularly found in products from other brands. The brand strives at all times to help organisations of small and large size, for example to make the way they work easier and better. The company delivers products and solutions where sustainability is the starting point. We continuously work on innovative and new solutions that offer a lot of value for a better life. The company also takes care of recycling, thereby making a sustainable contribution to the environment. Take a look at Ricoh's wide range of products above.

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You want to be able to use Ricoh's products without paying a lot of money. That's why you can compare different products in the field of electronics and office supplies above. To make it easy for you, this category is also equipped with all kinds of useful filters, including the brand and budget. So you can find, compare and save on the right products in just a few clicks! From cameras to batteries and from cartridges to battery chargers, the range in which you can compare is very diverse. If you've found the best deal and you want to order it, you can do so directly via the connected webshops. What kind of products are you currently looking for?

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