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When you have a horse of your own, you have to take care of it. Of course you want the best care products for the animal. Rapide has all the care products a horse needs. Compare, for example, the different shampoos for cleaning his coat, use an anti-clit gel where necessary and give nutritional supplements that are healthy for your horse's coat and hooves. In the range you will also find a large number of products to clean and maintain the leather.
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Market leader grooming products

You can of course compare different brands to take good care of your horse, but Rapide International B.V. has over a hundred years of experience in grooming products for horses, hooves and leather. The company was founded in Krommenie at the time by the Vink brothers. Only in 1995 it was sold, to T. ter Huurne. Thanks to the help of professional riders such as Willem Greve and Joyce Heuitink, who test the products extensively, Rapide International B.V. delivers a constant quality to customers. The company supplies care products to customers all over Europe. In the Netherlands Rapide has been market leader in this sector for many years.

Fur care

The coat of your horse reflects its condition. That is why it is necessary to use the right grooming products. As the seasons change, the coat needs a little extra attention, because it then goes into moulting. Luckily Rapide has everything you need to take good care of the animal's coat. So you don't have to compare or use all kinds of different brands. Besides various shampoos, there are also essential oils, cooling and heating gels available.

How to care for your horse

The care of the hooves is of course very important. Some of it is done by the farrier, but for the most part you can take care of your horse's hooves yourself. Compare the different products in Rapide's range. By lubricating the hoofs, you protect them from drying out and crumbling. Moreover, by rubbing in the hoofs, you promote healthy growth of the hoof. A spray can be used to protect the hoofs against moisture and dirt.

Nutritional supplements

Sometimes your horse can use some extras, such as after illness or after a tough competition. To let your horse recover quickly or to strengthen him, you can use nutritional supplements. Rapido has a wide range of supplements for your horse.

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