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Nintendo from playing cards to game consoles

Who would have thought that the idea of an artist and creator of traditional Japanese playing cards would prove to be the basis of one of the largest game companies in the world. Nintendo has been a household name for many years, with world-renowned icons such as Super Mario, Princess Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Pokémon.

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Game Cards

Japanese artist Fusajiro Yamauchi founded a company called Nintendo Koppai in 1889 in Kyoto. The company specialised in Japanese Hanafuda playing cards, also known as Flower Cards. More than ten years later he developed playing cards in Western style. Although these were intended exclusively for export, they became just as popular in Japan. The company prospered and it was not until the 1970s that it made the switch to home video games.

Jumpman becomes Mario

Nintendo became world-famous with Mario, who cannot be compared to other popular game characters. Designer Shigeru Miyamoto designed the game Donkey Kong in 1980. Because the comparison between carpenter Jumpman and the landlord of the company's American office was so great, Jumpman was eventually named Mario. To this day, Mario, who eventually became a plumber, is hugely popular and has a huge fan base. In 2015, the original Super Mario Bros. celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Fans sent in massive videos showing their love for the carpenter. Super Mario is still the mascot of the Japanese game company. The success of the game and the superhero is almost incomparable to any other computer game and he has played a role in more than 200 games.


In the meantime, Nintendo has sold more than 4.5 billion games. More than 710 million pieces of hardware were also sold. Of course, the games starring Mario are not the only ones that have been successful. Nintendo has also made a name for itself with Pokémon, WII, Gameboy and The Legend of Zelda, among others. Games that are all distinguished by creativity and originality and are so successful precisely because of that. Compare a few games and you'll find out which one appeals to you the most. Nintendo develops games in the entertainment industry for young and old, and it doesn't look like that will end for the time being. There are already a few games in the starting blocks to be launched.