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Nina Ricci is a French fashion house founded in 1932 by Maria "Nina" Ricci, born in Italy, and her son Robert. Maria mainly took on the creative side and her designs were characterized by elegant feminine shapes and romantic style. Son Robert concentrated on the financial and business side of the business and in 1941 came up with the idea to also make perfumes. The Second World War unfortunately put this perfume dream on hold for a number of years, but when the war was over, the first perfume called Coeur Joie was launched. The bottle was designed by the French glass artist Lalique and this collaboration was so successful that Lalique and Nina Ricci entered into a long-term partnership for other perfumes to be made in the future.

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Nina Ricci: family of perfume

In 1948 Ricci came up with a second perfume: L'Air du Temps. This - now world-famous - scent in the glass bottle with the cap in the shape of a dove is still for sale today and remains one of the absolute bestsellers of all Nina Ricci perfumes. All kinds of variants of L'Air du Temps are now also available, such as L'Air du Temps Eau Sublime, L'Air du Ciel and L'Air du Temps Pourpre. Other Nina Ricci perfumes that immediately became very popular when they came out are Nina (for the young modern woman), Luna (for the mysterious woman), Bella (for the tough woman) and L'Ecstasy (inspired by the erotic fantasies of women). If you compare the perfumes of Nina Ricci with each other, you will notice that the fragrances are generally very feminine, just like the clothes designs for which Maria "Nina" Ricci has become so famous. And that perfume production really is in the blood of the Ricci family, as Romano Ricci proves. Romano is the great-grandson of Maria and the grandson of Robert and started his own perfume line in 2005 under the name Juliette Has A Gun.

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The perfume of Ricci has been very popular for decades and therefore also for sale in many places. If you compare the prices of these different webshops with each other, you will see that they can sometimes vary quite a bit. This is partly because some shops use special promotions, but it can also be that a shop smartly purchases and passes on these discounts to the customer. So it is always smart to find out the prices in advance and compare them with each other before you buy something. Is that why you don't want to pay too much money for your favourite Nina Ricci perfume? Then use the handy price comparator on this page, because you can see in no time where you can score the best deal for the perfume. Then click your purchase home for the cheapest price in a few seconds!