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MacWet gloves are specially designed to provide optimum grip in wet or humid conditions. Starting in the UK in 1999, MacWet began offering water-skiing gloves, allowing athletes to keep their hands warm without sacrificing grip. Following their success, they expanded their range to offer gloves for many more sports and activities. Compare them now on Bigshopper and find the gloves that will keep your hands warm while exercising at the best price. From horse riding, water skiing to photography, their unique technology ensures that these gloves offer a perfect grip in all weather conditions, so you can keep doing your sport or hobby.

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MacWet produces gloves with Aquatec fabric. It reacts to changes in weather conditions to keep your hands dry and at an optimal temperature without compromising your grip. This fabric uses the moisture to get more grip, but also has a great grip when it's still dry. Sweat is removed and the gloves remain comfortable in all weather conditions. View and compare the range now on this page. These gloves are also perfect for precision work, with the Aquatec fabric you keep your dexterity and you can leave the gloves on while shooting or fishing. It is important to choose the right gloves with the right size.

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MacWet offers different types of gloves for multiple sports. For example, Micromesh gloves are recommended for warmer climates, and Climatec winter gloves for colder ones. For each sport you can decide which one is best for you, and whether you prefer a longer glove over your wrist or a shorter one. This depends on your sport and your own preference. Compare the possibilities now and make sure you find your ideal glove. Whether you want to use them for golf, horseback riding, cycling, hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities, MacWet gloves will keep your hands warm in all weathers while maintaining a perfect grip. In addition, the fabric will also repel the wind to protect your hands even better from the cold. That's why these are the ideal gloves for people who like to be outdoors in all weather conditions.