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Liscop has developed excellent razors for shaving various animals. They are powerful, handy, noiseless and equipped with an excellent air cooling system. If you want to shave horses, cows, sheep, alpacas or llamas, you should therefore choose a shaver of this brand. There are several webshops where you can buy Liscop's products and Bigshopper will help you to compare where you can make your purchase cheap!
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Powerful equipment

If you compare the coats of different animals, you will notice that there is a big difference in the thickness and length of hair, but also in the density of hair. Moreover, animals generally get an even thicker coat in winter than in summer. If you want to shave your animal, for example your horse, then you also need a powerful shaving machine. Liscop's shavers are specially developed for these situations and are able to get through thick winter coats. Because of the powerful motors they have, they can be used in many different situations.


Animal shaving can take a while and continuously holding a razor can be a touch on your hands and arms. Liscop has therefore developed devices that, despite the powerful engine, are as lightweight as possible. In addition, they have opted for ergonomic models, which makes the shavers comfortable to handle. You can easily shave several animals in a row, without immediately getting a problem with your hand. Different coats require different types of razors, so always compare before you buy whether the razor is suitable for the animal you want to shave with it.

Silent and good cooling

If a razor has to come through a thick coat, it requires quite a bit of the motor. This can cause the motor to overheat very quickly. Liscop has therefore equipped all shavers with a very good air cooling system. Because of this they will not overheat during a shave. Moreover, their shavers also make as little noise as possible, which is very pleasant for your animals. After all, many animals become restless from loud noises and from noises they don't know. This way, your animal won't get stressed so quickly during a shave. At Bigshopper, you can compare where you can buy Liscop shavers as cheaply as possible, so you can start shaving fast!

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