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LeMieux is the expert in the field of equestrian sports equipment. The originally English company, is known worldwide within the equestrian world and has many high quality and popular products on the market. The horse products of LeMieux are inspired by years of experience in the equestrian industry and designed for the real horse lovers, for both the professional rider and the enthusiastic novice rider. Over and over again, the company goes for the latest developments and strives for the best possible quality. From leg guards, halters and halter lines to various brushes, take a quick look at the brand's many products and get everything you need for the perfect care of your horse or pony and make your own riding outfit complete.
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Stylish designs

At LeMieux, style and innovation are of paramount importance. For example, the brand has built up a strong reputation when it comes to stylish and fashionable equestrian and horsewear. Compare the many different outfits and come fashionable for the day, such as the stylish covers, equipped with exquisite luxury suede with a subtle sheen. The items such as the horse blankets, earrings and leg guards are perfect to combine with each other so you go for a matching outfit. The company goes for luxury and comfort, so with LeMieux's products you not only look stylish, but also enjoy optimum wearing comfort. With a wide range of fantastic equestrian products, you can easily compare many luxurious and comfortable items and get everything you need to look stylish in one fell swoop.

High quality

LeMieux strives time and time again for the best possible quality. LeMieux's many products are designed with high-quality materials for the longest possible lifespan and optimum protection for you and your horse or pony. For example, take a look at the brand's different earpieces, which are designed with comfortable lycra and finished with a piece of satin. Also compare the many stylish blankets for your horse. The blankets are designed with a fantastic lining that absorbs sweat very well. With these blankets, processed with super soft bamboo lining, you avoid irritation and chafing spots. With many different blankets you can easily compare which one suits your horse or pony best. The items of the brand offer very soft protector and are very comfortable for the horse. See what else the brand has to offer for you and your horse and go for high quality and optimal wearing comfort.

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