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Lastolite produces studio accessories for the photo and video industry. With the various background screens you can create exactly the effect you need for your photos. Compare the products first on Bigshopper to find the best deal. Use the handy search filters to search through your favourite seller's range or to compare by price, for example. The cheapest products will automatically appear at the top of the search results. Once you've found what you're looking for, visit the seller's shop and place your order online quickly and easily.

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Lastolite was founded in 1985 and is a brand of the famous Manfrotto. Originally the company only made one product: the round pop up reflector. Nowadays the range is extensive and Lastolite makes complete studio solutions that you can customize to your own wishes. These products are suitable for every photographer, whether you are a demanding amateur or professional. The company holds a number of worldwide patents for the products. Lastolite also collaborates with some world famous photographers such as Joe McNally. In collaboration with these professionals, specific product lines are released that are based on situations that occur in practice in professional photography.

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The brand has a wide choice of backgrounds in different colors. For example, choose a foldable white background that you can expose from behind. This way you only need one flash to light your subject shadow free. The fabric is elastic so all the creases will come out when you stretch the fabric. You can easily attach the background to the matching hanging set or use it as a softbox. The products are made of high quality materials for a long life and have a perfect finish. For example, the strong triple seams are used in many products.

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With a reflector you make sure that light in a soft shape is reflected back onto your subject. Lastolite produces reflectors in different colors, each with a different effect. For example, choose a golden reflector for a warm photo or go for a white reflector for a cooler result. With a light reflector, the light colour remains the same as the light being reflected. The round reflection screens are easy to fold out and easy to transport.

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This brand is strongly represented in these categories: Cameras & Optics, Studio Lighting Controls, Softboxes, Camera & Optic Accessories, Optic Accessories, Optics Bags & Cases