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Lancôme, this name has stood for the highest quality and irresistible luxury for over 80 years. The label's products are timeless and make women all over the world happy. Originally established as a brand for perfumes, the French company quickly made a name for itself in the cosmetics industry. Nowadays, the company also makes many popular products in the field of facial care and make-up. The range is very extensive and excels because of a large assortment that leaves nothing to be desired.

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The story behind Lancome

The Lancome brand was founded in 1935 as a perfume house by Armand Petijan. Earlier, he worked in the Brazilian branch of François Coty's company, where he acquired his perfume-making skills. The name Lancome comes from a small castle in the south of France: Château de Lancosme. As the company logo, he chose a stylised rose, which is still the symbol of the brand. In the first year Lancome launched five fragrances for women. Shortly afterwards, however, makeup products and facial care articles were also produced and marketed. To this day, the beauty brand rests on these three pillars and is one of the most successful cosmetics brands in the world.

The perfume house Lancome

Lancome finally gained international recognition in 1936 when the Nutrix facial care product was launched. With its pleasant and delicate cream texture, it was an innovation on the market. Petijan gave the cream the scent of one of the first Lancome perfumes and a true bestseller was born. The British Ministry of Defence even recommended it as a healing cream in the event of a nuclear attack. In 1951, the founder of the company left the company and transferred the business to his son, who handed it over to the French cosmetics group L'Oreál a few years later. Since then, Lancôme has been one of the most successful brands. Many women rely on high-quality products that refresh the skin and leave it feeling pleasant.

The fragrances of Lancome

Since its inception, the company has marketed perfumes under its own name. Of course, over the years, various fragrances have been brought onto the market, many of which have become true classics. These are fragrances that are used by women of different generations. Most fragrances of Lancôme are women's fragrances, but sometimes a masculine perfume is created as well. The Hypnôse Homme Eau de Toilette is a masculine counterpart to the floral and sensual Hypnôse feminine fragrance in the label's range. Click here for an overview of a selection of the brand's most popular fragrances and various cosmetics products.