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Isostar should be considered one of the pioneers of modern sports nutrition. Since 1977, the Swiss have been working on the optimal composition of sports drinks to support not only the moisture balance but also the mineral balance. In this way, top athletes as well as amateur athletes can call up their optimal performance at exactly the right time. In close cooperation with athletes, for example from the marathon or triathlon sector, Isostar has expanded its range of sports drinks with bars, gels and special protein products for training and recovery. With the first isotonic drink, this brand gained worldwide recognition in the 1970s: Isostar. Not only drinks with this brand name are available from Wander AG, based in Neuenegg, Switzerland. In addition to sports drinks, Isostar offers a range of other products for supplementation during physical activity.

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The Isostar product line

The manufacturer specialises in energy products and offers the following categories: energy drinks, energy bars, energy gels, supplements before and after exercise and products for muscle building. Comparing the products online can be very advantageous.

Isotonic drinks

With the Powerplay-High-Protein, Isostar has a very popular protein powder in its product line. According to the manufacturer, it not only helps to create muscle mass, but also supports regeneration and fat burning. It contains a number of added vitamins. Compare the products at Bigshopper and buy cheap. Stay hydrated, that's what many athletes say. To provide yourself with a balanced amount of electrolytes, you can choose sports drink powders or isotonic drinks. The Hydrate-and-Perform blended drink is available in different flavours and can be mixed by yourself or drunk ready-to-drink from the can.

Energy bars

Popular bars of the Swiss brand are the Long Energy Bar and the High Energy Sports Bar. The latter, with its simple and complex carbohydrates, is a good source of energy and is suitable for use during endurance sports. For an extra boost of energy, you can also buy the energy gels specially designed for endurance athletes. In addition, the protein-rich bar is available, which with 25 g protein and a quantity of carbohydrates can be suitable as a snack after training.

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Isostar has a highly specialized offer. Most products are designed for a fast and long-term supply of energy, as required for endurance sports. Both the protein preparations and the energy products convince by their high quality. The company can look back on more than 35 years of experience and continues to innovate its production. Now compare all products of this well-known brand and find the best offer.

Isostar categories

This brand is strongly represented in these categories: Fitness & Nutrition, Health & Beauty, Health Care, Home & Garden