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The gaming company Hori was founded in 1969 and since then has been active in the market with various game consoles and game accessories. With high quality Japanese designs, the company goes for years for the best gaming experience. For more than 30 years, the company is a leader when it comes to unique designs and high quality products. With worldwide distribution and fame, Hori is a world-class brand and has been supplying products to professional gamers and fanatical novice players for years. With many different products, you can easily compare which item of the brand suits you best and go for the latest technologies and the ultimate gaming experience. Compare, for example, the different consoles, the advanced keyboards, or the luxury racing wheels.

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Latest technologies

The Hori products are designed with the highest possible ergonomic design and must all meet strict standards and quality standards. Hori continues to redefine what gamers expect from their equipment and strives to deliver the most advanced technologies at all times. In addition to being of a very high quality, the brand's items are also very varied, with a wide range and almost any type of console. Compare, for example, the unique colorful consoles or wireless and rechargeable lithium-ion battery technologies, which gives you the freedom with a range of 10 meters and a battery life of more than 15 hours. With Hori's advanced techniques you'll experience gaming on a whole new level.

Ultimate gaming experience

Give it all up in your gaming environment and experience gaming like you've never experienced it before. With Hori's items you'll immerse yourself completely in the unique world of gaming and maximize fun and experience. The brand's products are specially designed for different aspects, such as racing, fighting and flight simulation, which are specifically tailored to the necessary equipment and ease of play. For years, Hori has been doing everything possible to give you the real gaming experience that gives you a whole new way to experience your game. For the professional gamer and the fanatic novice, with the items of Hori everyone can handle and they provide the right support for each player. With a wide range of useful game items, such as consoles, racing wheels, or keyboards, you can easily compare which items may come in handy for you and easily get everything you need for a unique gaming experience.