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Godox is a producer of professional studio lighting and is known as a pioneer in the field of on-site portable flashes. The flash equipment is suitable for both the novice and the professional photographer. The brand sells everything you need for optimal lighting for your photos. You can compare the assortment on Bigshopper, which compares hundreds of webshops for you. By using the filters and searching by price for example, you can easily find the best deal. You can order in the webshop of the supplier.
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About Godox

Godox is part of the Dutch company Disnet Distributors. This company takes care of the distribution and import of more than 25 video and photography brands. Godox focuses completely on lighting for photographers. The assortment includes studio flash heads, portable flash, lamp stands, softboxes, reflection screens, triggers and remotes. The flash in front of your camera may not work the way you are used to. You don't put it directly on a camera, but the flash is mainly designed to be used in a setup with multiple flash units. The products are known for their excellent price/quality ratio. On Bigshopper you can find your ideal product for the best price in just a few clicks.

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The Godox products are ideal for portable flashes on location. Choose for example equipment from the Witstro series, with a built-in battery and HSS and TTL capabilities. The AD200 and AD600 are both powerful flashes that are equipped with a built-in receiver so you can use the flashes anywhere. In a number of steps you can set the intensity of the flash yourself. Make a combination with one or more flash units for a flexible lighting setup where you can experiment endlessly and get the most beautiful images.

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A trigger is a transmitter and receiver that establishes communication between a flash unit and camera. Godox has several high quality triggers that you can compare, including the X-Pro TTL and HSS transmitters. With these versatile triggers you can control reportage flashes and studio flashes of your own brand but you can also use the triggers on flashes of other major photography brands. However, you must use them in combination with a Godox X1 receiver. The transmitter has a range of about 100 meters. The X-Pro triggers are available for Canon, Nikon, Panasonic/Olympus, Pentax, Fuji and Sony.