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Giorgio Armani: timeless and elegant

There is hardly a brand on the international market that is as dazzling as the world-famous luxury label from Milan: Armani. A brand that stands for precious materials and timeless elegance like no other fashion house. Founded in 1975 by the Italian fashion designer of the same name, the brand has been synonymous with the most luxurious creations for over 40 years, combining intense emotion with sensuality and stylish restraint. Today, the company's founder is still the guarantor of this inimitable art of design. One of the greatest fashion geniuses of the 20th century, he created a fashion sense as early as 1960 with his first men's suits designed for Nino Cerruti. Years later, he founded his own company and soon made a name for himself with elegant men's fashion, especially with style-conscious suits in subtle shades. In a short period of time, he also presented his designs in the US, expanded worldwide and launched his first women's collection in 1980. The Giorgio Armani brand stands for exclusive men's and women's fashion, but also for high-quality shoes, such as elegant shoes for women, bags and accessories. The Italian label also sells perfumes and watches for men. The founder of Giorgio Armani was the Italian of the same name, born in Piacenza in 1934. In 1974 he founded his own fashion brand - initially only with men's collections, a year later also with women's collections.
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Armani: Haute couture

Since then the luxury house has developed into an international fashion empire that is now an indispensable part of the high fashion scene with its exclusive haute couture, luxury women's and men's fashion, beautiful accessories, shoes and cosmetic products. Legendary are not only the fashionable creations with their classic cuts and colours, but also the fragrances of the brand, created since 1980 under the brand Giorgio Armani perfume. Like the fashion of the luxury label, the perfumes are precious creations that elegantly underline the essence of the wearer. They embody both style-conscious beauty and sensuality. Dedicated to the classic art of perfuming, the designer uses only precious ingredients from around the world. The first women's fragrance from 1982 was already one of the most successful fragrances of the entire eighties.

The perfumes of Armani: elegance in perfection

Elegance you don't forget, the unique look of Giorgio Armani Parfum couldn't be better described. Stylish, timeless and incomparably elegant. Each of the Italian luxury fashion houses presents itself as a fragrance interpretation of noble fashion. Women are impressed by Emporio She, a floral oriental fragrance full of seduction. The fresh floral creation Emporio Diamonds, a fragrance that exudes perfect femininity, elegance and glamour with accents of lychee, rose and blueberry. Equally fascinating is the fragrance Code Femme, one of the most successful and popular women's fragrances of recent years. The very sensual oriental perfume is dominated by orange blossom, complemented by a hint of vanilla and honey. Fresh and floral is the fragrance Acqua di Gioia, with its fresh mint, aquatic jasmine blossom and fruity lemon. Compare various perfumes of this famous brand at Bigshopper and buy your favourite scent at a reasonable price.

Compare beautiful fashion and perfumes by Armani

The label offers for example breathtaking silk dresses for women. With a Giorgio Armani women's dress you are assured of an extravagant look. To make the look perfect, use black eye shadow for a dramatic look. Today, Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous and successful fashion brands in the world. Giorgio Armani shoes are characterized by the highest quality and the best workmanship, the designs set accents in the fashion world. The label's fashion is diverse and conveys luxury and well-being.

The trendsetter in the fashion world

The collections you can compare here are versatile and range from elegant designs to sporty outfits. Giorgio Armani bags fit perfectly with garments and shoes and can be chosen from a variety of models. Giorgio Armani is one of the most sought after labels worldwide. The exclusive shoe and fashion collections stand out immediately. They are not focused on current trends, they are themselves trendsetters in the fashion world.

Compare the perfumes of Armani at Bigshopper

Armani has developed a wide range of fragrances that you can compare at Bigshopper. See below for some examples of the prepared fragrances.

Perfect for summer: The Acqua collection

Acqua di Giò bears the nickname of Giorgio Armani and thus has a personal touch. It is a naturally elegant fragrance with notes of bergamot, jasmine and patchouli. Also available are the elegant Eau de Parfum Acqua di Gioia Essenza and the limited edition Acqua di Gioia Jasmine. The latter, besides green apple, orange blossom and musk, has an extra portion of jasmine.

Sky di Gioia

Sky di Gioia reminds us of heaven with lightness, good humour and timeless ingredients. In the scent there are aromas of lychee, which make the scent slightly sweet. In addition, the fruit creates a subtle tropical impression. Floral accents of peony and rose make the Eau de Parfum feminine.


The Mediterranean perfume Code Femme is one of the best-selling fragrances for women. It is made around the scent of orange blossom. The scent of jasmine plays a supporting role. Vanilla and honey in it give the fragrance a mystical intensity.