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Gevavi produces high quality work shoes and work boots for optimal safety while working. The safety shoes are suitable for both professionals and private use. In addition, work and rainwear belong to the extensive range of Gevavi. You can compare these products easily and quickly online on Bigshopper. You can compare based on category, retailer and price. When you've found the best deal you can order it by clicking to the seller's webshop.
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About Gevavi

The Dutch company Gevavi has been around for over 80 years. In 2011 the company merged with Planet Europe NV, creating a Belgian subsidiary. The company's mission is to provide people with durable and safe footwear that ensures that you can work comfortably and safely. There is also a wide range of footwear for private use. By first comparing on Bigshopper you pay the best price. The lowest price will automatically appear at the top after your search. The assortment of many sellers will be compared with each other. Once you have found what you were looking for, you can order your ideal product by visiting the seller's webshop.

Safety standard of Gevavi shoes

If you are planning to buy safety shoes it is useful to know which safety standard the shoes have to meet. For safety shoes, work shoes and protective shoes additional specifications apply in addition to the CE inspection according to the applicable European standards. The mechanical protection makes the difference, this is the extent to which the front of your shoe or boot can withstand falling objects or impacts. Compare the wide range of Gevavi shoes online, there are shoes available in all safety classes that suit your work situation. Safety shoes offer the highest mechanical protection while work shoes offer good protection against chemicals, for example. Which shoe you choose is based on the risks you may face in your work.

For whom are the products of Gevavi

The company produces footwear for both men and women and in different safety classes. Among other things, you can choose safety footwear, leisure boots, health footwear and comfortable footwear for the garden and home. You can think of garden clogs, mules and slippers that are practical when you are messing around in and around the house. An attractive design has also been taken into account.