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The Garnier brand is part of the global cosmetics group a href=""L'ORÉAL/a, one of the global leaders in the cosmetics industry. Garnier is sold in Europe, the Americas and Asia. In drugstores and department stores, products for face and body care, sun protection, hair care and styling and colourants are available to the general public. The company's main goal is to make beauty products available all over the world as care products that radiate optimism.
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Brand history

The company was already on the French market in 1904. One of its first products was a hair tonic based on plant extracts. In 1986, L'ORÉAL acquired the distribution rights to Laboratoires Garnier. Since 1996, the brand has been called Garnier. The brand believes in natural ingredients with a proven effect. The roots of natural beauty lie in the responsible management of your body and are promoted through healthy nutrition and body care. Since October 2003 the actress Iris Berben is the ambassador Garnier. She promotes the product lines "Coloration Nutrisse" and the anti-ageing series "UltraLift". The motto of the campaign is "Think of yourself".

Research and development

The effectiveness and compatibility of the ingredients are tested by Garnier using various test methods. In the bioscreening process, a molecular screening method used in the pharmaceutical industry, cell cultures are fully automatically incubated and later tested. The in vivo method is used for anti-ageing and anti-cellulite products. In 2005 Garnier revolutionized the market for anti cellulite products with the special Roll on. Scientific research in the field of safety and effectiveness is carried out in 13 research centres worldwide. The company conducts clinically independent studies under dermatological and ophthalmic supervision. Before and after the launch of a product, consumer studies are carried out to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Garnier range

Whether it is face care, deodorants, Ambre Solaire sunscreen or body milk, the brand has something for everyone. The brand also has numerous sub-brands such as Fructis for shampoo and conditioners, Nutrisse, Olia and Movida. The most successful products are "UltraLift" in facial care "bodytonic" anti-cellulite in body care, "Fructis" in hair care and "Nutrisse Creme" for hair coloring. With the "Garnier Ambre Solaire Delial" sun protection line, the company is involved in the prevention of skin cancer as a long-term partner of the ECL (European Cancer Leagues). All sunscreen products comply with the recommendations of the European Commission for protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Garnier categories

This brand is strongly represented in these categories: Personal Care, Health & Beauty, Skin Care