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Estee Lauder is a cosmetics brand and was founded in New York City by the eponymous Estée Lauder and her husband in 1946. Lauder had been making and selling her homemade creams to friends and family for a number of years. At this early stage, she focused mainly on skin care, partly with the help of her uncle who was a chemist and developed a facial cream. Over the years, Estee Lauder's skin care line expanded and Lauder started to focus on make-up as well. In 1948, department store Saks Fifth Avenue bought Estee Lauder $800 (nowadays this is about $8500) of makeup to sell in their store and this stock was sold out within two days! Estée Lauder became very successful and went public in 1995. Today the umbrella stock exchange company still bears the name Estée Lauder Companies and in addition to the eponymous cosmetic brand Estee Lauder, this parent company also has other well-known brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Clinique and Bobbi Brown in its portfolio.

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Estee Lauder skincare, make-up and perfume

Estee Lauder has by now launched a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products on the market. One of the best-known skin care products is perhaps Advanced Night Repair, a serum for your face. According to Lauder, three bottles of this serum are sold every minute! In terms of make-up, there are also a number of products that do very well. For example, the Double Wear foundation comes in more than 55 colours, so no matter what your complexion, there's always a matching colour. With so many colours of foundation you need to look carefully and compare which one suits you best. If you compare Estee Lauder makeup with their perfume, you'll come across many different types. Smells with the names Sensuous, Modern Muse and Pleasures ensure that Lauder also has a large market share in the perfume department!

Estee Lauder price comparison

As you may have seen by now, Estee Lauder is a huge cosmetics brand with many products in the range, whose prices can vary greatly. For example, there are several sizes of Estee Lauder perfumes (50 ml and 100 ml) and so it's smart to look closely at the price, so you buy the cheapest price per ml of perfume. There are also a number of variations on the same perfume such as the Sensuous in the beige bottle and Sensuous Nude in the pink bottle. The price often differs per variant, not to mention special promotions and discounts that some websites offer. Can't you see the wood for the trees anymore? Compare the prices and products of Estée Lauder via this handy price comparison site. Simply select the products you would like to compare and find out right away at which webshop you get the best deal!