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Eskadron is a leading brand in the field of decoration and protection of your horse or pony. You can compare a wide range of saddle pads, halsters, leg protectors, jumping shoes and much more. Squadron is a brand of Pikeur that came out in 1977. From this moment on, in addition to riding gear, a complete set of equipment for your horse was also sold. The brand uses practical experience to continuously develop its products.
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Compare saddlecloths from Eskadron

You can choose from a wide range of comfortable saddlecloths, from cotton saddlecloths to lambskin saddle pads. These are available in various colours, allowing you to match the saddle pad with your own outfit. The cotton saddle pads often have a fine diamond design and have an excellent price-quality ratio. On the fabric of this saddle pad you can also have your own club logo printed. You can also choose a sturdy polo pad that consists of a combination of cotton wool, foam and microfibers. These are often preformed on the back and offer excellent shock absorption. This eliminates the need for webbing and loops. The integrated back shape ensures that the pad remains well and safely under the saddle.

Eskadron compare horse blankets

From flying blankets to sweat blankets and transitional blankets to pasture blankets: Eskadron has it in its range. You can choose from a large number of blankets to keep your horse warm. For example, go for a microfleece sweat blanket that has undergone an antipilling process. This blanket is multifunctional and can be used as a sweat blanket, competition blanket or transport blanket. With a comfortable stable blanket, your horse is protected by a blanket made of skin-friendly and soft microfleece. Depending on the weather conditions, you can opt for the blanket with a light flannel lining or the warm stable blanket with a thick filling.

Compare Squadron leg protection

Eskadron sells various specific leg protectors and bandages. For example, the comfortable tendon protector with lambskin on the inside is very soft. This tendon protector is anatomically adapted to the foreleg and can easily be closed with Velcro fasteners. In addition, there are leg guards made of strong polypropylene fabric and a teddy lining for transport. These leg guards are extra high. As transport protection, you can also use a multifunctional bandage pad, which can also be used as a heat or stable bandage. The bandages are made of very strong polyester for optimal performance.

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