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Equi Thema makes everything for equestrian sports. Compare, for example, the wide collection of practical and fashionable equestrian clothing. The collections match those for the products for the horse, so you can have your clothing match, for example, the horse blanket of your horse. Equi Theme also produces care products and protective clothing for your horse.
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Equi Theme has equestrian clothing for all weather conditions. If you are going to ride in the winter you choose warm riding breeches with elastic leg closures. The thick cotton provides riding comfort and has a very heat regulating effect. The waistband is made of non-slip material and has loops. Do you participate in competitions? Then Equi Theme has beautiful competition clothing in its assortment. Go for example for a competition jacket embellished with rhinestones in a fitted model. The jackets are made of micro-perforated fabric so your skin can breathe well. A UPF 50+ protection protects you from the sun. Of course a rider can't do without a cap. Choose for example a model with a velour outer layer or a cap with a tight chrome look. This offers excellent protection against shocks because of the ABS shell. By means of the turntable on the back you can adjust the size yourself. This prevents the cap from sliding while riding.

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You have a wide choice of high-quality Equi Theme horse rugs. There are lightweight summer rugs and warmer winter rugs so that your horse always stays at the right temperature in the city. The brand also makes specialised horse blankets, such as a blanket for horses with summer exfoliation. This horse blanket offers complete protection against all types of flies and is made of 100% supple polyester. This protects your horse outside in the meadow against even the smallest insects and gives the animal comfort and peace of mind. A waterproof and breathable winter rug keeps your horse warm and dry. For comfort the blanket is equipped with a tail flap, stretchy buttocks, low cross surcingles, a tail belt and withers protection made of soft polar fleece.

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A saddle pad, also known as a sjabrak, sits between the horse's back and the saddle. This allows your horse to enjoy comfort while at the same time protecting the saddle from your horse's sweat. In addition, the Equi Theme saddle pad protects your horse's back against pressure from the saddle and abrasion. You can choose from different thicknesses, colours and patterns. The average rider has an extensive collection of colours and types. It is even possible to combine your Equi Theme saddle pad with matching leg pads.

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