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With the perfumes of Elie Saab, which you can compare on these pages, you create an exclusive world for yourself. Make yourself or someone else happy with one of the perfumes, which all create an atmosphere of luxury and glamour. You can order your perfume from Ellie Saab at one of the Bigshopper affiliated webshops.

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Monster in beauty

The Lebanese Elie Saab is known in fashion circles as the "master of creating beauty and sensuality". The fashion designer mainly uses sequins, diamonds and pearls in his creations. As a little boy of 9 years old, he already made dresses for his family and others around him. After a short training in Paris, he returned to Beirut in 1981. He was only 18 years old when he opened his first fashion studio. Eventually his designs became world famous. Especially his evening dresses and wedding dresses are in great demand in high society. With its sumptuous draped fabrics and hand embroidery, his collection is like no other.

From evening dress to perfume

In 2011, Elie Saab expanded his design skills, developing perfumes. He did this together with several famous perfumers. His first perfume was Le Parfum. On these pages at Bigshopper you can see a selection of the perfumes of Saab. Compare the Oriental floral scent of Le Parfum with the Essence No.1. You don't have to compare the prices of the perfumes anymore, Bigshopper has already done that for you. You can click directly to the cheapest webshop. All perfumes have their own unique fragrances, which emphasize your personality.

Gift sets

Compare the gift sets here at Bigshopper. You can of course give them to someone, but you can also make yourself happy with them. Take for example the L'eau Couture, a fresh scent that reminds you of spring. At the same time, this fragrance emphasizes elegance. You can smell fresh citrus, magnolia and bergamot. The sunshine that characterises all of Elie Saab's creations can then be found in the scent of orange blossom, vanilla and almond that recurs in Léau Couture. The gift sets, consisting of an eau de toilette and a body lotion, come with an elegant toiletry bag. Take a look at the other gift sets of Elie Saab, here at Bigshopper.