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Donna Karan, a typical American designer, is characterized by the diverse character of her hometown, the Big Apple. Inspired by the city's fast-paced multicultural attitude, DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York. The brand is known for its luxurious contemporary style and combines comfort with urban, sporty and casual elements. Today, children can enjoy Donna Karan New York clothes and accessories with their parents and older siblings.
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The history of Donna Karan New York

In the midst of skyscrapers, yellow taxis and beautiful parks, the brand finds its place and keeps pace with the rhythm of its unique cult city: New York City. DKNY is one of the typical American designer labels founded in the 1980s and quickly became one of the world's leading fashion companies.

The founder of Donna Karan New York presented her first women's collection in 1985 and was given the name 'Seven Easy Pieces'. The concept was taken literally: seven simple pieces that can be combined in an infinite variety of outfits. Donna Karan designed what she wanted to see and what she wanted to wear. The success of this first collection could hardly be surpassed and soon other lines followed. DKNY, a younger, more affordable brand followed in 1989, followed by a men's collection in 1991. Since then the brand has been an unstoppable phenomenon and loved by all the fashion stars on the planet.

Style Donna Karan New York

DKNY is a more affordable line of the 'Donna Karan Collection' aimed at a younger audience. For the youngest fans there are Boys, Girls and even Baby clothing lines. The DKNY collection has a variety of shades of grey, black and white, combined with stylish, simple cuts that bring New York's cityscape to life. The company is a trendsetting market leader with a modern look. Be tough and show your love for the brand with the striking letters or funny variations like 'Dazed Kids New York'.

DKNY Today

The fashion world listens curiously when Donna Karan New York sets a trend. It's not just one reason why there are over seventy 'Donna Karan Collection' and stores around the world. Since 2005, the brand has also been offering online shopping. The special urban supermodel Cara Delevigne functioned for years as the perfect face of the brand. In 2005 the model designed her own collection, DKNYXCARA. The funny, shrill slogans in the style of Cara's carefree humour, a colour palette of black and white, with accents in neon yellow, as well as her cheerful attitude become more than clear with the Cara collection. The sporty outfits of the Cara line perfectly match the modern City Style of Donna Karan New York.