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Life is full of moments of truth - moments when you get the chance to have new experiences or to run away from them. The life of the founder of the Davidoff brand, Zino Davidoff, knew many such moments and he embraced them. Zino lived and cherished these life-changing moments. Because choices bring excitement, success, happiness, failure, disappointment and ultimately, experience. Embrace these defining moments as the challenges and opportunities that will make you what you always were.

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Davidoff history

Zino Davidoff, the founder of the Swiss luxury brand Davidoff, was born in 1906 in a small village near Kiev, in today's Ukraine, as the son of a tobacco salesman. At a young age he worked in his father's shop. He could have lived his life protected in that small village there in the Ukraine. But Zino decided to dedicate his life to increasing the smoking pleasure of cigar smokers and pipe smokers all over the world: he decided to travel. Looking for the best tobacco to offer cigar smokers and pipe smokers a superior smoking experience. Eventually this resulted in the legendary Davidoff Cuban cigars with which he made his fortune. At the pinnacle of his career, the name Davidoff was synonymous with the pinnacle of smoking pleasure and luxury.

Finally financially independent, Zino turned the wheel around again: he left his cigar empire and started making other luxury products for anyone who wanted to enjoy top quality products for a reasonable price. This resulted in high quality products, based on the cosmopolitan joie de vivre and sense of freedom that characterised Zino Davidoff. In this way, non cigar smokers could also enjoy beautiful, affordable products and luxury experiences.

Zino focused on several new product categories, such as coffee, cognac, perfumes and eau de toilettes. The product range reflected Zino's natural elegance and appreciation for quality, authenticity and lifestyle. Davidoff's many fragrances are recognizable out of thousands. Famous fragrances are Adventure, Champion, Echo and Horizon. The most famous scent is of course Cool Water. This unique, aquatic scent is recognizable by top notes of fresh mint and intoxicating lavender, combined with heart fragrances of sandalwood, jasmine and orange blossom. This complex fragrance, masterfully created by the famous perfumer Pierre Bourdon, has a hypnotic effect that always enchants users.

Pick one of these delightful fragrances and the beauty of life. Make choices, experience, enjoy and grow. Don't stick to a single experience for too long, but cherish the new. Just like Zino. Enjoy success, but also failure, because in the end both success and failure determine who you are.