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Cavalor is not an unknown brand name in equestrian sports. If you are the owner of this noble animal, you will certainly use Cavalor for your animal, or at least have heard of it. Compare nutrition and nutritional supplements to give your horse what it needs for its health, well-being and performance.
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Passion for horses

Agricultural engineer Peter Bollen heads the Belgian company Cavalor. Horse sport and equine nutrition were his passions, which made him decide to launch a new range of nutritional products and supplements for sport horses. Cavalor also sells horse care products. Do you also want the best of the best for your horse? Then compare all products in the range. In the end, the company became market leader in its field. Cavalor's products are sold in more than fifty countries around the world.

For every horse the right feed

Whether you have a sport horse, show horse or recreational horse, Cavalor has the right feed for every horse. With the right feed your horse will feel at his best, and you can tell by his behaviour and performance. By comparing the different ingredients of the horse feed, you know exactly what your horse needs. Horses originally have a strong colon and a small stomach. They prefer to eat grasses and herbs all day long. That is why Cavalor has formulated horse feed that meets the specific needs of the animal. It contains sufficient fibre and various herbs.

Food supplements

Fill the feed with feed supplements where necessary. Some horses will need resistance-enhancing supplements, others will benefit from additional supplements that protect the stomach. You can choose from pastes or pellets that support your horse's health in various ways. When you know what your horse needs for his health, you can compare the pastes and pellets. The advantage of a paste is that it provides a faster absorption. You can simply sprinkle the pellets through the basic feed so that your horse doesn't notice it while eating.

Nursing products

Nourishment is extremely important for a horse's health. But good care is just as important. Cavalor has a large number of products in its range with which you can optimally care for your horse. This allows you to get and keep his coat, hooves, muscles and tendons in optimal condition. With the complete line of grooming products, nutritional supplements and horse feed, you have everything you need to take good care of your horse.

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