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Caterpillar Inc., also known as CAT, is a U.S. company primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of heavy machinery and vehicles for mining, industrial and large civil engineering projects. A Caterpillar excavator can't really be compared to other brands when you look at the sheer size and brute force of these vehicles. However, Caterpillar is also there for the hard workers in construction and industry. In addition to machines, the brand also offers a product line of work shoes that can take a beating.
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These shoes are, compared to similar footwear of other brands, really in the outdoor category. They are extremely strong and have a steel toe cap and sole. Despite their robustness, they are still very flexible and very comfortable. The hard-wearing soles can handle anything and thanks to the good cushioning, you can easily walk on them for hours. No matter what kind of work you do, Caterpillar has safe work shoes for everyone. After all, your feet are a vulnerable part of your body that you want to protect well. Attention has also been paid to a fashionable look, with high and low models available in different colours.

The history of a large caterpillar

The history of Caterpillar began in 1904 when American Benjamin Leroy Holt, owner of a tractor factory in California, wanted to solve a problem. There was an agricultural area close to his factory where the soil was so soft and damp that even the strongest tractor was hopelessly stuck in it. Holt invented a ruse and built a tractor without tyres but with two large chains around the front and rear axles to which he attached wooden planks. The rotating chain with planks provided much more grip and so the first tracked vehicle came into being. The idea was good but the version with wooden planks turned out to be rather vulnerable. A British company appeared to have built something similar, but with steel plates on the spinning chains. Holt bought the British patent and made it a great success. Because he thought his machines could be compared to a large caterpillar he changed the factory name to Caterpillar, the English word for caterpillar.

Caterpillar also makes beautiful toy cars for children

Caterpillar also makes beautiful toy cars! They can certainly stand comparison with their big brothers when it comes to tough design and durability. The fun and cheerfully colored cranes and trucks will certainly be to their liking!

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