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Carolina Herrera (born 1939) is a Venezuelan fashion designer who began her fashion career in 1965 as a publicity agent for Emilio Pucci. In 1980 she moved to New York City, where she immediately stood out because of her distinct clothing style. Carolina Herrera became friends with the then editor-in-chief of the American Vogue Diana Vreeland, who suggested that Herrera should start her own clothing line. Herrera did this and since her first collection she now gives a fashion show twice a year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York to present her latest collection of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories such as sunglasses. Carolina Herrera's fashion label is still a great success to this day. Celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Renée Zellweger are also big fans of this fashion designer's clothing.

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From a successful fashion label to popular perfumes

At the end of the 1980s, Herrera worked with Spanish perfume producer Puig to market a number of perfumes. In 1988, the first women's perfume came out and was named after the fashion designer herself. Three years later, the first men's fragrance was released, called Herrera For Men. If you compare the success of the perfume line with the fashion label, you could say that the perfumes are actually also very popular. The advertising campaigns of Carolina Herrera perfumes often include top models such as Karlie Kloss (for the perfume Good Girl), Lily Aldridge, Justice Joslin (both for Privee Men), Taylor Hill and Hailey Baldwin (both for 212). If you compare all of Caroline Herrera's perfumes, you'll find that by using these top models in their marketing campaigns, the perfumes are mainly intended for young ladies and gentlemen.

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