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Byomic has an extensive range of telescopes, microscopes and binoculars. For example, you can choose from lens telescopes, mirror telescopes, stereo microscopes and biological microsocopes. There are astro binoculars for both novice and professional astronomers and there are also special products for children in the range. Because of the dimensions of the telescopes it is recommended to place these viewers on a tripod. To find the best deal you can compare the range of various sellers on Bigshopper.
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You can choose between mirror and lens telescopes. The advantage of a mirror telescope is that it gives a more colour-referenced image than a telescope with a lens. In addition, these types of telescopes are usually priced more favourably than a lens telescope with the same lens diameter. Lenz telescopes are more accurate because they have a long, thin tube with an objective lens at the front. This collects the light and focuses it, allowing you to study small details such as surface structures of the moon or planets. Byomic has special junior telescopes in its range for the small astronomer. The telescope is easy to prepare for use and comes with a handy case. This makes it easy to take the telescope with you to a particular location.

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The microscopes from Byomic have an excellent price-quality ratio. The microscopes are suitable for image carriers because you can look through two tubes, of which the right tube can be focused. All optical parts of the microscope have an anti-fungal coating and the microscope has a metal housing. Because of this, the device is sturdy and can take a beating. Most microscopes magnify up to 20x, with an eyepiece that magnifies up to 10x and an objective that magnifies 2x. The brand also sells microscope sets. These are ideal for children to discover the microscopy in a playful way.

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