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The German company Bresser is both manufacturer and distributor of astronomical telescopes and accessories. The range of Bresser telescopes is therefore very broad. It offers suitable equipment for beginners, experienced beginners, but also for advanced and professional users. In 1957 Josef Bresser founded the company under his own name. In the beginning the company specialized in the distribution of binoculars, which it imported itself. After the son Rolf Bresser took over the helm in 1979, the company's own production increased. The company saw its core competence in designing new, innovative optical products. Comparing the range of products can be of great benefit to you.
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Developments within an innovative company

The company continuously expanded its product range and offered telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers, electronic articles and other products in addition to binoculars. The company holds a number of technical patents for its own products. Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of binoculars and optical products in Europe. In 1999, the company merged with Meade Instruments Corp. of California. The American manufacturer of telescopes and other astronomical optical products is a very good addition to the brand. Since 2009 the company has become independent again and since 2013 it is run under the company name Bresser again.

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The inexpensive complete systems are interesting for beginners. The user can make his first astronomical discoveries without in-depth background knowledge. Beginners' sets, such as the Bresser Junior or Venus, are usually equipped with frames and stands. This also includes various interchangeable eyepiece lenses, magnifying glasses and a viewfinder telescope. In most cases, the package also includes software that simulates the starry sky at the relevant location at the relevant time. This helps to discover stars and planets.

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Bresser's entry-level telescopes are available in two different versions. On the one hand these are the classic Newton refractors and on the other hand the achromatic refractors. The latter have coated optics and a higher image reproduction. The Messier series is aimed at advanced sky observers and professionals. The white telescopes with the red circle are offered as mirror and lens telescopes. In contrast to the starter sets, the models of this series are also available separately and without further accessories. In combination with a computer module and the GoTo control, the telescope automatically finds the desired celestial objects.

The Maksutov systems are easy to dismantle and are therefore particularly cheap to transport. Star observation must take place in as dark a place as possible, far away from the big cities. In addition, one must take into account that it does not get completely dark, even in the middle of the night, especially in the month of June. This hinders the observation of light-sensitive celestial bodies. Now compare the various models.