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Bekina makes safety boots for various industries, including fisheries, food, agriculture and industry. The Belgian company also makes comfortable boots for leisure use. These work boots are made of high quality materials using Neotane Technology. Bekina was founded in 1962 and is located in Kluisbergen, Belgium. The boots are sold worldwide.
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Compare work boots for the food industry

The work boots for the food industry that you can compare are universally designed and suitable for men and women. The sturdy work boots have a solid blue sole. This has thermo-insulating capacities which allows you to work safely at temperatures up to -20°C. This is for example ideal if you work in a cold store. The boots are also equipped with a kickout at the heel. This makes it easy to take off the work boots without getting your hands dirty. The boots are made of robust and water resistant polyurethane and the lining is made of nylon. This ensures that the boots are comfortable to wear. Bekina also sells special insoles for work boots.

Safety boots from Bekina compare

Belgian brand safety boots offer protection through the steel toecap. These boots are suitable for use in different industries and sectors, such as the agricultural sector, the dairy industry or the oil industry. The safety boot meets the most important safety requirements and is therefore suitable to wear on almost every work floor. In addition to a steel toecap, the boot has an anti-slip sole, is antistatic, shock-absorbent, oil and petrol resistant and has an anti-perforation sole. The safety boot has an S5 safety class. What is nice is that the boots are very lightweight because they are made of polyurethane. The safety boot is also thermo-insulating. In summer the boot stays cool and in winter it offers warmth with an insulation value down to -20°C. These boots are also equipped with a kickout piece and available in all common men's and women's sizes.

Comparable Bekina agricultural boots

Specially for the agricultural and livestock sector, there are insulating safety boots that have been developed for wet, slippery and dirty conditions. The production takes into account long-term and intensive use in marshy meadows and the milking parlour. The boots have a good fit and have a steel toecap and anti-perforation midsole. Of course, the agricultural boots have water-repellent and insulating properties, making them suitable for every season. There are even boots that keep the feet warm down to -50°C.