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Barr Stroud is a British manufacturer of high quality optical products. The range includes binoculars, spotting scopes and monoculars. Compare the products on Bigshopper to find the best deal. By using the search filters you can filter by seller, category and price. Compare by price? Then the best deal will automatically appear at the top of the page. This way you will never miss out on the best bargains. To order you just have to click through to the webshop of the seller where you can order online.
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About Barr Stroud

Barr Stroud was founded in 1913 by Archibald Barr and William Stroud. Before they started making optical products the men were professors in engineering and physics respectively at the prestigious Yorkshire College. Before the company was founded they worked together to supply optical equipment to the British Navy. Over the years, various products were added to the range. Nowadays you can choose from binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and magnifying glasses from the company.

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The high quality binoculars can withstand a beating and have a sturdy, robust and strongly rubberised casing. The optics are Phase coated and the other optics are fully multi coated. Because of this, the binoculars let a lot of light through so you can easily distinguish your subject even in twilight. All models are waterproof for 3 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters thanks to the filling with nitrogen gas. A heavy rain shower does no damage and it can't hurt to accidentally drop the binoculars in a puddle or pool.

Spotting scopes by Barr Stroud compare

A spotting scope is an indispensable tool for birdwatchers. The scopes of Barr Stroud offer a lot of optical and mechanical possibilities. The scope zooms in further than the brand's binoculars. So it is even better to get objects from far away close up. For example, set the binoculars to 20x magnification to capture your surroundings. By turning the knob as soon as you have your subject in the picture you can zoom in even further up to 60x. The large lens lets a lot of light through, so you can also make observations at dusk or in fog. The scope has a built-in filter to reduce glare from the sun.