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The originally Swedish brand Back on Track makes caring and restorative products for people, dogs and horses. The products are made of the unique material Weltexx. This special yarn is made of polyester or polypropylene containing a natural ceramic material such as clay. As a result, the products improve blood circulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect. By using the products of Back on Track you will have less pain during your sporting activities and you will recover faster in case of muscle pain or an injury. Every body, both that of a human being and that of a dog or horse, has an average temperature. Too much heat is emitted, part of it is infrared heat. This heat is reflected by the ceramic material in the products of Back on Track which provides the above described benefits.
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The unique brand has a wide range of comfortable products for your horse. Choose for example a supportive joint protector or a heel protector. With a hock protector consisting of polyester, cotton and neoprene you protect your horse's hock. In addition, there are various comfortable heat blankets in the range that offer insulation and reflection. During the cold winter months or when the weather is bad, your horse can use some extra warmth. A heat blanket is ideal to keep the body warm in case of inactivity. The horse walker blanket is suitable in the horse walker, on the treadmill and during lunging.

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Back on Track for men and women also has high-quality products that offer relief from tension or pain. In case of problems in the hip, groin or at the bladder, for example, you can opt for thin, anti-inflammatory boxer shorts made of light cotton. In case of tension and stress in the upper body, such as the neck, shoulders, back and arms, a warming turtleneck is an excellent choice. This sweater covers the hips, lower back and your entire arms. The products are available for both women and men.

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Your faithful four-legged friend obviously wants to protect you against the cold and additional injuries and muscle pain. Choose from the wide range of blankets, jackets and sweaters that you can compare on Bigshopper. A fleece sweater will keep your dog comfortably warm. For maximum warmth, the sweater covers the entire back up to the tail. Even agile dogs are easy to dress thanks to the elastic material.

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