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Until 1964, eau de colognes and eau de toilettes were something for women. This changed with the launch of the first Aramis fragrance line created especially for men by Estée Lauder that year. This fragrance line is now sold in 120 countries. The scent is described as a cypress-like, in combination with leather. Top notes consist of fresh, bitter spices, combined with cumin seed, followed by gardenia, jasmine, amber and sandalwood.

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Aramis, pleasantly portable fragrance

Now, so long after the introduction of Aramis in 1964, men's fragrances are no longer a nouveau. Men of all walks of life and all ages like to wear a fragrance when the day begins. The Aramis brand can boast a large number of enthusiastic users. A number that is still growing every year, despite the almost inexhaustible new entrants on the market for men's fragrances. This means that Aramis has now conquered its place in the bathroom with its unique and pleasantly portable fragrance.

Many products with the same fragrance line

One of the success factors of Aramis are the different application possibilities. For example, there are different packs of eau de cologne to choose from. A bit lighter in intensity are the eau de toilettes which are also available in different pack sizes. Specifically for men are the aftershave, aftershave balsam and shaving gel of the brand, especially for those who need a scent boost in the morning. In addition, in the Aramis fragrance line, there are several care products available for men.


The Aramis fragrance is widely acclaimed in the industry and there have been several unsuccessful attempts in the past to copy the fragrance. The scent can be described as masculine and fresh. The famous perfumer Roja Dove says that Aramis is an incredibly sophisticated and recognizable scent that is now as legendary as the hero after whom the scent is named. For those who do not know the scent, it is recommended to try a small package of the fragrance and compare it with other fragrances.

Pick and compare

With so many Aramis products, the choice is sometimes difficult. Do you choose the eau de cologne or the eau de toilette? The intensity of the scent is stronger with eau de cologne. Some men choose to wear the eau de toilette during the day and the eau de cologne in the evening. Don't forget to compare the size of the packs. A large pack costs comparatively less. And also compare the various suppliers. You can save a lot of money with that, so you can still wear a delicious Aramis fragrance for less money.