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Amigo is a brand of the Irish company Horseware. The Amigo line consists of horse blankets for the winter, for in the stable and against flies. In addition, the brand offers horse blankets for horses that walk in the horse exerciser or horse walker, riding blankets to keep your horse warm after riding and a collection for during transport such as horse halters, transport protectors and fleece and cooling blankets. Compare the wide range on Bigshopper to easily find the best deal. For example, you can compare based on price for the best offer. Order by visiting the seller's webshop.
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The Irish company Horseware is based in Dundalk and started with a small team in 1985. The founders Tom and Carol MacGuinness have a love for horses and had as their job to make a horse's robe that didn't leak, didn't make the horse sweat and didn't slip. After months of research and hand sewing prototypes, the iconic horse blankets came on the market. Since then, the company has grown into a global producer of horse blankets. The products are made in factories in China and Cambodia that put together enough blankets every day to cover a football field.

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Amigo offers something for every horse. For example, there are blankets for the stable, for the winter and for horses with a broad chest. The stable blankets are available in different thicknesses or with special vari-layer techonology. Even with a less heavy blanket your horse will stay at the same temperature. The Amigo winter rugs are available with or without lining, as a stable blanket or as a rain blanket. Before the blankets come on the market, they are extensively tested on at least 20 different horses for a year. Amigo ensures the best fit by testing on all types, sizes and breeds, from small ponies to giant Irish draught horses.

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The flying blankets protect your horse from flies and UV radiation. Blankets are available for horses in the stable but also for riding. The blanket protects your horse against flies during an outdoor ride and breathes well so your horse doesn't get too hot under his or her blanket. You can choose from standard flying blankets, blankets with a fixed neck and flying blankets with Vamoose. This is a colourless and odourless fly repellent that keeps flies at a safe distance and does not disturb or irritate your horse.

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